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October 2021 In The Loop Newsletter

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

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Dookue Memorial School Update

We currently have 350 students enrolled at Dookue Memorial School, we are seeing an increase in students coming back into the class room entering the third term of the 2021 school year which we are extremely excited about!

Meals Project Update

One of the points of emphasis we've had this past quarter was provided meals for the students on a more consistent basis, most students don't eat regularly outside of these meals.

Adequate nutrition is essential to the learning process, we are currently providing one meal each week per student, with the goal of growing it to 3 days per week

Checkout some of the students enjoying lunch below.

A Special Thanks To The Education Team

The year of Covid was extremely tough on our education and teaching team. We we're blessed to be able to provide our teachers with an unexpected bonus as a small token of appreciation, for the daily impact that they have on the students.

"This is a great help for us to feed our family. May god bless and more to each of our supporters"

-Nwinaata Bornu, & Josephine Namene, Head & Asst. Mistress

Clean Water Project Update

To date we have provided 2 Water Wells in 2020 to provide accessible clean drinking water to the community. Many of the people don't have access to clean drinking water in the area which leads to disease.

We are currently working with local engineers to create more water wells in the region.

Families in the community enjoying fresh, clean water are pictured below.

Ways You Can Help Us Make A Bigger Impact


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