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Our Mission

Our mission is to impact and inspire change through projects and initiatives , so that the cycle of poverty as a by-product of lack of education and resources in the area of Biara, Nigeria can come to an end. 

Everyday necessities we take for granted like schooling, healthy drinking water, and knowing when our next meal is coming from isn't readily available to over 800,000 people that live in the region.  Our mission is to change that!

Our Vision

Over 65% of the children in the area stay because the parents can’t afford to send them to school.  The result is the youth aren’t given a chance with education to change their circumstances.  Our vision is to provide them with education, meals, and programs so that they have the tools to achieve their full potential.

"The area is very poor, there are no jobs, no sources of income, and there is no effective, efficient, or productive way for the children to get out of this cycle.  My vision for the school is to provide a place where underprivileged children have a place to learn a formal education, skills, and gain resources that will help them to achieve their full potential"

Help Us Make A Bigger Impact!

100% of all donation proceeds goes directly towards the empowerment and education programs

Our Mission
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