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Help Us Make A Bigger Impact

Every dollar donated goes directly towards providing education, food, and clean water.  Below are the different ways your donation can help us make a bigger impact.

Education Project

The Dookue Memorial School founded in 2009 and exists to provide students free education in an environment where they they can thrive. 

The school has graduated 130 students since 2009, has 350 students currently enrolled ranging from ages 3-18, and has 12 teachers on the education team.  Many families in the area don't have access to the resources to be able to provide an education for their children and the Dookue Memorial School was created to help solve that problem.  All donations go towards covering overhead and expenses so that the students are able to receive a high level free education.

Ways Your Donation Makes An Impact:

* $25 provides 1 student a month of free education
* $300 provides 1 student a year of free education
* $350 provides a month of free education for 350 students

*$3150 a year of free education for 350 students

Donate Educaton

Meals Project

This on going project provides meals to students, so that they have the proper nutrition so that they are able to focus on their education and not when they will get their next meal.  Through this initiative we have identified how big of a hunger issue there is in the region as many of our students  save portions of their meals to share with siblings at home.  Our goal is to provide 3 meals a week for each student.


Ways Your Donation Makes An Impact:

* $60 provides 20 students with 1 meal
* $240 provides 20 students with 4 meals
* $500 provides 350 students with 1 meal

* $1000 provides 350 students with 2 meals

Donate Meals

Clean Water Project

We build water wells to provide clean drinking water to help with many of the illnesses and diseases that effect a community of over 800,000 children and families as a result to not having access to clean drinking water.  In the region there is no access to water outside of the streams, and other unclean water sources.  Families have to travel over 3 miles each way to access these water sources, which provides many other health risks.


We currently have provided 2 water well sites where people in the community are able to access clean drinking water.  Our goal is to provide an additional 5 wells in the community. 

Ways Your Donation Makes An Impact:

*Each Mono Pump Well costs $3,000 for materials and installation

Donate Water
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