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This essential work is providing the youth with tools, skills, knowledge, and resources so that the cycle of poverty as a by-product of lack of education can come to an end.

Let's Make A Change

  In the area there is no government support, and many families don't have the resources to provide education for their children. 100% of all donation proceeds goes directly towards the empowerment and education programs for the youth in Biara, Nigeria. 


Every dollar makes an impact and there is no donation too small, see below for the project your donation will impact:




This ongoing project helps to cover monthly overhead expenses such as teacher salaries for the education team, student/school supplies, as well as helps to  expand the programs and offerings we are able to provide to the students including an computer lab to expand the online learning experience.

Monthly School Operating Costs $300

$300 provides 1 month of salaries for teachers



This on going project provides meals daily to that students, so that they have the proper nutrition so that they are able to focus on their education and not when they will get their next meal.


Monthly Student Meal Costs $250

$5 provides meals for 1 student for 2 Weeks



The goal with the Mono Pump Well Project is to provide 5 wells in the community to serve 800,000 people.  There is no access to water outside of the streams, and other unclean water sources, and families travel over 3 miles each way to access these water sources, which provides many other health risks.


We have completed 1 well, and are currently working toward building the next phase of two wells. This project impacts the community outside of the doors of the school.


Project Goal: $3000